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Morning dew (at Liberty University)

"Yet those who wait on The Lord will gain new strength; they will mount up with wings like eagles…" Isaiah 40:31 God has used this place and these people in such a life changing way. They will always be my Impact family. @impact360 #class5 (at IMPACT 360)

Met this rad photographer @stefan_haworth from New Zealand in LA while we watched the sunrise. He took a bunch of super cool group pictures for us. Thanks man! Go check his page out and watch him as he travels.

Red skies and country roads makes for a perfect summer’s day. #summer #farm #georgia #sunset (at Conklin Family Ranch)

This is what the Tibetan nomads live in while they are herding their yak. Most of the times you find these at very high altitudes. This one was at a pass of 14,500 ft. Normally they are made of yak hair #eastasia #mountains

I love Sanskrit.

Tibetan Buddhist temple beneath the mountain where the most powerful mountain god to a certain group of Tibetans lives #eastasia #travel #adventure #wanderlust


El descenso via Flickr

One of the best feelings in the world is feeling you’re on top of it. The beauty is that the hike was grueling but the view was worth every single ounce of pain it took to get there.

Backpacking is the art of knowing what not to take.

– ~Sheridan Anderson
Baron Von Mabel’s Backpacking, 1980 (via campfiresmell)

I have learned over the past 6 months that this statement is so true


Nothing like finishing your 6 months off right! #himalayancoffee #mochaglacier #eastasia #iloveyaks (at Himalayan Coffee)

Today we got trapped at 11,000ft in the Himalayan Foothills. The only two roads out of the town had their biggest bridges completely destroyed by the raging rivers. We left out car there and attempted to get out by whatever means necessary…I don’t know if we conquered the mountain or if it conquered us… Washed out bridges, landslides, fallen trees, 8km hike for 4 hours at 11,000-12,000ft high, 4 hours in this van perpetually bouncing like crazy on rocky roads…definitely a way to go out with a bang. #eastasia #himalayanfoothills #travel #adventure #wanderlust #nature #mountains (at 道孚)

Headed to the mountains again tomorrow morning. It’s my last trip up because I leave the day after we get back. It’s been such a blessing to be able to be used of Him so high up. You almost feel closer to Him (literally and figuratively) up there. Lift up the people that live among them, they are so so blind and He is staring them in the face. #eastasia #mountains #explore #adventure #wanderlust #hiking #nature #beauty

It’s Friday here but Thursday in America, so yes, I get two #tbt This was a few weeks ago when I was privileged with making tea for two tea masters and @mschack812 haha. #tea #eastasia #oolongallday

Probably all my #tbt will be from Bhutan for a while… #bhutan #adventure #travel #wanderlust


Punch Bowl Falls | Jameson Savage

Fox and the Hound much?

(Source: c1tylight5)

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